A Scene You Can See

A Scene You Can See- 4S

The snow fell heavily as the penguins slipped along the ice. They were cold from the big black moon shining above them. I peered out of my cave wondering if I would ever be warm again, hoping one day I would get back home. By Jamie

The waves crashed onto the soft wet sand. The night sky got dark as it cooled down. My friend and I walked across the cold sand. I could never imagine leaving this place. By Mia

The wave god made the waves crash peacefully in Hawaii. He did so when all the flowers were in bloom. I wondered if I would be able to get out of the water. By Koby

The trees blew as the strong wind flew among them. Animals snug in nests, sleeping on their mum’s stomachs. I sneak out of the cave hunting, not successful as I’m only new to it. By Alexis   

The dark blue waves came in peacefully in the shining midnight sky. It was unusual for the storm season. I tried to avoid awakening the baby Leather-back turtles. By Issach

Cold as ice, there was cloud white snow everywhere. The bright sun rising wouldn’t help me get warmer. I started walking to my nice warm igloo. By Zali

Welcome to 4S 2017- Better late than never!!!

The new version of 4S is here bigger, bolder and weirder than ever!

After a chaotic start to the year with the swimming carnival, gymnastics program, choir, stage based dance groups, piano lessons, cancelled athletics carnivals, Harmony day prep and much more… We are ready to unleash … the greatest blog of all time!!! 😉

Feel free to join in!


Swim School

During weeks 3 and 4, Stage 2 students have been part of the Swim School program at Mayfield Pool. We have been getting lots of exercise walking to the pool and back and doing laps swimming in the pool.

We would like to congratulate all of our students for their excellent behaviour and for improving their swimming so much over the last two weeks.


CEP Outdoor Digital Media Festival

It’s time for the annual CEP Outdoor Digital Media Festival! Our stage 3 students have been working hard on their entries for the Stop Motion Animation film competition. The winner will be representing Tighes Hill PS during the screening on the night.

Tickets are for sale each morning at the gum trees/silver seats for $5 per individual or $10 for a family. Don’t miss out!


Fighting Back!

Scary, dangerous, black and white. What do I speak of you ask? The THPS resident magpie. Viscious and persistent attacks have seen the members of 4S drop like flies. This deadly and prehistoric creature has shown no mercy in its relentless attacks…. but 4S is fighting back!

We present you the toilet hat! Sure to protect during times of cross playground skirmish. The ultimate protection between us and the toilet block. This incredible invention has been received better by some.